Project Description

Book organizer application: The user can interact through the terminal, written in Python.
The porpose of the application that the user can store the information of the books inside the database.
The program use sqlite3 library as a database call books.db and use terminal as the interface with user when the program start it shouw up a welcom menu with 5 choices 1- add 2-delete 3-search 4- export to excel file Q- exite the the program ask the user to input number from menue to of what the user want to do. if the user input any wrong input that not (1-2-3-4-Q-q) the program show errer message and repromote again for choose correct number.

The user can exit in any level from the program using (ctrl+c) with goodbye message The program in all level is case insensitive for text input which change the text to tilte case (title()) Also the program remove the white space from beganing and the end pf the text input

Project information

  • Name: Books Orgnizer
  • Client: Personal Project
  • Project date: 05 Apr 2023
  • Github URL: Source Code