Project Description

The WishList Website is a dynamic platform designed to help users organize and manage their wishes. Whether it's creating wishlists for different occasions or keeping track of desired items, this website has you covered.


*User Authentication:
Registration: Users can create new accounts by providing a username, email, and password (with password confirmation).
Password Reset: Forgot your password? No worries, users can reset their passwords via email.
Sign In/Sign Out: Secure login and logout functionality.

* Wishlist Management
Create Wishlists: Users can create wishlists with unique names to categorize their wishes (e.g., "Birthday Wishlist").
Add Wishes: Within each wishlist, users can add an unlimited number of wishes (e.g., "Mobile," "Balloon," "Laptop," etc.).
Update/Delete: Users have the flexibility to update or delete wishlists and individual wishes. When a wishlist is deleted, all wishes inside it are removed as well.

* Social Interaction
Follow and Be Followed: Users can follow other users, and in return, users can see the wishlists and wishes of those they follow.
Discover Wishes: Get inspired by exploring the wishlists and wishes of other users.

Project information

  • Name: Wish List
  • Client: Personal Project
  • Project date: 01 Aug 2023
  • Github URL: Source Code
  • Live Preview: Live Preview